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Ebonie “Karma” Tudor is the owner of Karma Tudor Inc. She is a graduate of the inaugural cohort of Latham Thomas’s Mama Glow Doula Immersion Program and has had over 100 successful births. Some of her notable birth work includes delivering multiples and breech babies, working with same-sex couples and high-profile clients, and delicately navigating high-risk clientele including a birthing mother with uterine didelphys (born with a double uterus). 

Karma is a mom, a certified lactation counselor, a childbirth educator, a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, a prenatal yoga teacher, and a mentor. Karma has contributed to Planned Parenthood’s Yoga for Kids initiative and facilitates chair yoga for the elderly at Brookdale Assisted Living. 


Karma is currently on the journey to become a midwife, with a background of over a decade in the health insurance industry. She earned her bachelor's degree in business marketing from Pace University.


A note from Karma:

My journey to becoming a doula feels like such a natural progression. I have worked with families in healthcare for several years, and from this vantage point, had a keen view of healthcare disparities, explicitly its effect on fetal and maternal care for black and brown families. Reminded of my own near-death birthing experience nearly fifteen years ago and Impassioned by the need for change, I found myself altering my career path. I accepted the self-imposed challenge to retrain and educate myself regarding all things birth and pregnancy. 


As a doula, I am on an endless learning journey. No two birthing persons nor two births are the same. Meeting each client where they are, makes all the difference. Knowing when to be silent, and when to offer words of encouragement. When to assert and when to fade into the background. I strive to be an advocate, a source of physical, emotional, spiritual, and informational support; and aim to have a positive impact on the well-being of the entire family.

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