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I am a Mom, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, Yoga Instructor, and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate who is here to provide you with top notch service and care.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced; looking for a gentle, meditative yoga or a high intensity yoga class with a solid hip hop playlist, I've got you. 


As a Doula, I am here to provide you with support, knowledge and advocacy during and after your pregnancy. I also offer childbirth education classes and lactation counseling.



karma in news


Karma discussing CMV and the importance of advocacy.

"Love Delivered" an initiative by Carol's Daughter & the Mama Glow Foundation 


Karma at The Wing with MamaGlow!

I had the honor and the pleasure of being on a panel with my mentor and doula trainer, Latham Thomas of MamaGLow! Latham is a celebrity doula and wellness/lifestyle maven. Additionally, author and change agent for maternal & infant health, Kimberly Seals-Allers, was also on the panel. To say I was beyond GEEKED to be included in the conversation with these phenomenal women is an understatement. During this event we discussed being a doula, our birth stories, and what it means to advocate for yourself and your feeding plan for your infant after birth.  Check out some of the pics from the event!