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Seriously, How are You?

How are you? Good. OK. Fine. Maintaining. These are reflex responses, that people are used to giving; even in this crazy pandemic time we live in. But the truth is, how we are really doing is a loaded question. For me, how I am doing fluctuates frequently throughout the day. At the start of each day, I have to take a moment and just breathe. I think of everything I am grateful for and then plan out my day. I check-in with my therapist twice a week because mental health is extremely important to me and I love on my son. I am happy that my family is healthy, and I can get to them if needed. For this, I am grateful. At my house these days, you can find my son in one of three places – his bedroom, the living room or the kitchen table. My mom is a fixture in her home office or in her bedroom. My grandparents live nearby and luckily have each other and are hunkered down. Thankfully, they have neighbors checking on them regularly. My brother is in the Navy and is in the middle of the ocean somewhere protecting us all. Meanwhile, my dog Stitch, and my cat, Bootsie, stare each other down every day and are probably wondering, why are all these humans in my space all the time now? Go back to your normal lives. I feel for all of the people who have lost loved ones to this awful virus and for the over 10 million Americans who have lost their job since COVID-19 hit. I can relate as job loss has affected me and my family as well. With that said, I want to take the time to talk to you all about how I will continue to serve you during this trying time. I am still here for you!

How I’m Shifting My Business to Serve You Like many businesses, I have shifted to a virtual online business model. Until further notice, I will be offering private yoga classes, childbirth education classes and providing lactation support online via Zoom. I am also available via FaceTime, text messaging and phone calls for doula clients. For doula clients, I will be available and ready for FaceTime calls during the labor and delivery. This is where the virtual 2-hour Child Birth Education class comes in. It will teach you and your partner (if applicable) how to handle different scenarios, so you are both prepared for your special day. I can be on FaceTime during the entire labor and delivery as your support system and to remind you how to advocate for yourself. Don’t forget to pack a holder and charger for your iPhone or iPad lol. For lactation support classes, it will be seamless for me to conduct this virtually. I was trained not to touch the parent or the infant in any way. I am there to listen, observe and provide guidance based on what I observe.  Now for yoga, I must be honest. Virtual yoga is harder than I expected! I like to be able to scan my students to see what they need and to provide a personal experience for them. I like to be hands-on and correct their form, so they get the most of their practice. This is why I love teaching private yoga classes. But, this can be achieved online with a private group of friends, family, co-workers, or just you. Smaller groups or 1-on-1 teaching online makes it much easier to connect with everyone and to really provide that specialized experience you are used to getting with me!  We’re In This Together

Trouble doesn't last always, we’re together going along for the ride. Even though it is a stressful time right now and the air is full of uncertainty, I am happy to be able to bring you a bit of relaxation, peace and support during this time. You are not alone; and this too shall pass. Feel free to contact me to let me know how you’re doing, and how I can support you.


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