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Postpartum Me

Leaving The Hospital

“Time to go home, yay! Wait they are letting me go home with this baby and no instructions? What exactly am I supposed to do to keep him from crying?” These were the thoughts that ran through my mind while I waited for my discharge papers from the hospital. 

The nurse began to give me a list of instructions that did not register. I placed my son in his car seat, and he started SCREAMING! Automatic panic set in. The nurse explained that he was probably experiencing some level of discomfort because he was circumcised that morning (by my request). The nurse went on to say that he was probably peeing,and it was burning him. Why did I not know that would happen? That sounded like torture, my poor baby.

There I was, my new family headed out the hospital with a screaming baby in his car seat. People were already telling me, maybe he is hungry, maybe he isn’t in the car seat correctly, etc., there were a list of “maybes”. Little did I know that was the beginning of people interjecting with their unsolicited comments and questions on my parenting. However, that comes with the territory. I learned how to quickly dispel all of that by picking up my baby and nursing him, which in turn led to people walking away from me.